Asbestos removal: New standard for breathing air

The regulations concerning technical rules and preventive measures to be implemented for operations involving a risk of asbestos are evolving.

A decree dated April 8, 2013, with application date July 1, 2013, imposes new rules for the protection of workers. Article 3.3 specifies in particular the minima which the breathing air installation must meet in terms of sizing, quality, alert systems, etc.

The appendix to this decree defines the levels of gases and pollutants, including carbon dioxide (Co2) limited to 500 ppm and carbon monoxide (Co) limited to 5 ppm

It should be noted that this latter value is more restrictive than the standard of "industrial" breathing air which requires "only" 15 ppm.

The required atmospheric dew point is 5 ° C lower than the lowest temperature expected for the use or storage of the compressed air supply.

If this temperature is not known, the dew point must be at least -11 ° C under pressure.

Prodry BA compressed air treatment chains deliver breathable air that complies with this new directive.

This decree is available for download on the site:

NOR text reference: ETST1309168A