Breathing air production containers

Created by our distributor, FAURE AUTOMATISME, 2 SECUR’AIR mobile breathing air production units for the nuclear industry have just undergone their last tests before delivery.

With a unit flow of 360 m3 / h useful under a pressure of 9 bars, these production units - installed in air-conditioned containers - are fully autonomous and produce air quality in accordance with standard NF 12 021 (Controlled and certified by APAVE) and also comply with the internal directives of the AREVA group.

Filtration, purification and drying chain by DELTECH

The compressed air is treated by a DELTECH filtration, purification and drying chain. The condensate treatment is entrusted to a PURO ELITE separator.

Condensate treatment is entrusted to a PURO ELITE separator

The quality of the air delivered is continuously monitored by an analysis bay which records the dew point, the Co, Co2, O2 contents, the operating pressure and various other parameters. . .

An alarm bay is used to warn operators (on site and remotely) if an anomaly is detected.

The breathing air temperature is regulated - regardless of the ambient operating conditions - in order to provide maximum comfort to operators who sometimes have to work for several hours in difficult environments.