Condensate traps: A truly complete range!

Our new partnership with JORC (See B.A.S. of February 2016) now allows us to offer the widest range of steam traps on the market.

Level detection steam traps.

The CAPTAIR series has revolutionized the market for capacitive steam traps.

Composed of 2 models, it covers the vast majority of applications (up to 6000 m / h). Specific versions offer an operating pressure of up to 500 bar.

Steam traps without power supply

This range of magnetic traps requires no electricity supply.

This technology significantly reduces installation costs (no power line or protection to install).

Here too, 2 models are available.

S-AIR for coalescing filters without capacity limitation.

X-AIR air vent with 6 mm opening for all other drain points up to 6000 m / h.

These new generation traps remove condensate without loss of compressed air!

Steam traps with timed valve

Needless to say, this series offers a variety of models unrivaled on the market.

No less than 76 different models can meet the most diverse applications.

- Operating pressure up to 500 bar

- Voltages from 12 volts to 400 volts

- 1/4 "- 1/2" and 3/4 "connections

- Timers up to 99 hours!

A wide range of accessories

Strainers, taps, supports, heaters ...

All these accessories available to facilitate connection and operation of the traps.

Individual technical sheets are available for each series.

Do not hesitate to contact your sales manager to obtain them.