DISTRIBUTOR Collector/distributor of compressed air condensates

It is sometimes necessary, on certain large installations, to distribute the condensate treatment over several oil/water separators.

Light, robust, insensitive to corrosion, DISTRIBUTOR is compatible with all types of condensate.


Supplied with a complete kit for wall mounting, its installation is simple and quick and offers a professional look to the whole installation.

Its generous dimensions (700 x 235 x 300) provide it with a comfortable volume allowing it to act as a buffer capacity in order to distribute the flow to be treated equally to the different separators.

Integrated depressurization chamber.

Degassing of condensates without projection of liquids in the room.

DISTRIBUTOR with his complete kit

Overload indicator.

Warns the user in case of overflow (Ex. "Siphon" effect)

2 entries in 1 ”threaded.

Homogeneous and symmetrical distribution of the condensate supply.

8 1/2 ”outlets (or fluted).

Wall mounting kit.

Each DISTRIBUTOR is delivered with a complete kit for wall mounting (opposite)