It's too expensive ! Let's not sum up a dryer at a price!

Who has never been confronted with this murderous sentence: "You are not placed!"

Over the years this catchphrase has become an almost exclusive argument ...

If it is certainly valid for a strictly identical product (same model, same brand, same service) it cannot be applied to compare 2 industrial machines.

Indeed, if each one meets the needs of the customer, they do not offer the same characteristics!

In a mature market, such as that of dryers for compressed air, the price differences are necessarily justified (Equipment, energy efficiency, manufacturing in the Far East ...).

Take the case (experienced recently) of 2 compressed air dryers.

An ACT series refrigeration dryer (Partenair) competes against an X dryer (which we will not mention here).

This is followed by the usual refrain "you are more expensive than your competitor".

In the case that interests us, the price difference (less than 200 euros) was largely offset by the operating costs (thanks to a lower pressure drop and lower energy consumption).

The additional "cost" of 200 euros was amortized over the year and turned out to be redundant savings for years to come.

The price at the bottom right is not the only criterion to take into account.

An apparent immediate saving can hide a much higher expense later.

The cost of energy, it is no longer a secret, will increase very significantly in the years to come.

Remember to educate customers about this argument. ACT dryers have a very efficient pressure drop and energy consumption compared to certain "low-cost" machines.

This can make the difference and allow you to win the order!

Do not forget it !