LOCATOR: Easily track down leaks

More than ever, saving energy is one of the priority concerns of companies. Detecting and eliminating compressed air leaks, which are too often overlooked, is an immediately profitable approach to the company's energy consumption.

Detect from far and near. LOCATOR allows to make big cost-saving

LOCATOR is THE detector specifically designed for compressed air leaks.

Compact, simple, and efficient, it can be used by all maintenance personnel without special training.

Practical and intuitive, it offers the easiest leak detection method on the market.

Aim ... Press .... it's located ....

Leaks are reported to the operator in a visible and audible manner (helmet provided).

The importance of the leak discovered is immediately interpreted on a scale of 1 to 10 thanks to the LED chaser within sight of the operator. So, the leaks can be easily listed according to their extent.

This then allows, during the curative phase, to remedy the most severe leaks as a priority and thus quickly save the precious wasted cubic meters.

According to Ademe, 1 in 2 companies having diagnosed their network had a leakage rate> 40% of its consumption of compressed air.

LOCATOR is THE solution to reduce the energy consumption linked to compressed air in the company.


A bar of 10 LEDs indicates the extent of the leak and a sensitivity selector can detect even the smallest leak.

A diode indicates when to replace the battery (Type 9 v standard)