NGF: The new generation of DELTECH filters

Officially presented at our 2015 public price list, the DELTECH NGF filter series will become, as of January 1, 2016, the only range manufactured by DELTECH.

This range will definitively replace the previous series, launched in 2000, and whose discontinuation repeatedly postponed, is definitively fixed at the end of this year.

These new generation filters benefit from filter elements of a resolutely innovative design. Their profile, studied by C.A.O., not only allows better air flow through the filter, but also a more homogeneous distribution over the entire surface of the media.

They provide optimized filtration and a lower pressure drop than the old series.

All elements have pleated filter media and a color code to easily identify the grades available.

Assembly kits and wall mounts are available as an option.

The range consists of 14 models covering flow rates from 34 to 2,550 m3 / h.