PURO condensate purifiers: In battle!

Here is a beautiful condensate purification installation in service in the pharmaceutical industry.

6 PURO ELITE with the centralizer DISTRIBUTOR

The installation, with a flow rate of more than 5000 m3 / h, consists of several compressors using polyglycolic lubricants.

6 PURO ELITE PG separators, specially adapted to this particular type of lubricant, have been set up to treat all the condensates generated by the installation.

A centralized "DISTRIBUTOR" system is responsible for collecting the condensates from the various drainage points of the installation and then distributing these condensates uniformly over each separator.

The purified condensates (residual oil content less than 10 ppm) are then evacuated to the sewer via a common collector.

Each separator is equipped with its own lifetime indicator for the filter media.

The economic aspect, investment, and maintenance costs, but also technical, convinced the customer and tipped the scales for PURO ELITE technology compared to competing equipment.