Puro Elite, how do you know if the filter elements are saturated?

The question may seem silly at first glance. But it is clear that some users do not always assimilate the concept of real-time visualization of the saturation of the filter elements of Puro Elite separators.

Red indicator of PURO ELITE separators

Let’s first remember 2 things:

Puro Elite separators have 2 indicators. The white indicator indicates the saturation of the filter media, the red the condensate volume overload.

The red indicator should not be visible. It is only available when there is an overload (Condensate volume greater than the treatment capacity) or if the condensate drain hose is pinched, incorrectly positioned or even blocked.

White indicator of PURO ELITE separators

The white indicator, on the contrary, must be visible because it rests on the adsorbent element which floats on the surface of the condensates. As it becomes saturated, the element gradually sinks and the visible portion of the indicator decreases accordingly. When this indicator is no longer visible, the filter elements must be replaced to guarantee the hydrocarbon content in the discharges.

On several occasions we found that some customers were persuaded to have a separator in conformity because "the saturation indicator was not visible".

Remember to increase awareness your customers on this point.

A content of less than 10 ppm cannot be guaranteed with saturated filter media!