Walker Filtration: New production unit in Newcastle

WALKER FILTRATION has just completed its installation in its new production plant in Newcastle.

With a surface area of ​​12,000 m2, this site now brings together in one place all of the group's divisions (administrative, production, research, logistics ...).

Made necessary by uninterrupted growth, this site will help ensure the group's ambitions for the years to come.

Located in the heart of industry, close to road and airport facilities, this modern, high-quality building will allow the increase of production capacities and the development of new products thanks to the integration of the synergies of the different divisions within a single pole.

The site now has 3 clean rooms dedicated to specialized products, able to meet the most demanding criteria in terms of filtration.

During the inauguration, the president L. WALKER declared: "This significant investment reinforces the will of our company to continue in the path of technological excellence, to produce materials of impeccable quality and to provide a high level of service to our customers. "

We extend our best wishes for success and prosperity to WALKER FILTRATION.