ECOVANE, saving compressed air at Stoeffler

The company STOEFFLER, well known to lovers of quality Alsatian products, has recently embarked on an approach aimed at achieving energy savings on its compressed air networks.


Among the solutions proposed, ECOVANE has drawn their attention to automatically isolate three networks from the site which do not require a continuous supply of compressed air.

3 ECOVANEs were therefore installed, one on each departure, so as to cut off the compressed air according to precise time bands:

- The days of the week, between 1 am and 4 am.

- Weekends, between 12 noon on Saturday noon and 7 a.m. on Monday morning.

Thus, while maintaining the permanent air supply to a workshop during these periods, the other 3 are perfectly isolated and the energy losses linked to compressed air leaks are thus definitively eradicated.

"Installing an Ecovane is a good principle when you want to dispense with air only in one sector," said Hughes MULLER, maintenance manager at STOEFFLER.

There is no doubt about the rapid return on investment of ECOVANE.

See you in a few months for an energy balance which is already promising.