GREEN POWER: Energy-saving dryers!

Inspired by technology widely used in the automotive industry, the GPE series of refrigeration dryers has been designed to operate in Start & Stop mode to allow the dryer to standby when the installation needs are less than its capacity. nominal. The resulting energy consumption is thus reduced all the more significantly when the charge rate is low. This new generation of dryers allows energy savings from the very first models, unlike other technologies that are too expensive to be adapted to small capacity machines.

From 1250 m3 / h, the GPV series dryers are equipped with refrigeration compressors and variable speed fans. This technology allows flexible and precise adjustment of energy consumption to the needs of the installation. Equipped with innovative control logic, a PLC constantly monitors all the parameters of the refrigeration circuit. It determines the thermal load in real time and adjusts the rotational speeds of the compressor and fans proportionally.

GPE series dryers are available now. The GPV series will be available in early January 2016. Do not hesitate to contact your sales representative for any technical information or pricing proposal.