PURO ELITE: Remote alarm reporting kits

Condensate treatment plays a key role in compressed air installations.

Remote alarm reporting kits

In order to guarantee optimum efficiency, our PURO ELITE separators have a standard display system for the lifetime of the filter elements as well as the system overload.

However, this information however requires visual inspection by the maintenance department.

For companies wishing to centralize alarms, kits are now available in order to be able to warn the user remotely of the need to replace the filter elements or of a possible overload of the system.

The installation of special indicators and contact sensors allows the remote reporting of this information to a remote alarm or to any other control center.

Installation of the kit

These kits can obviously equip PURO ELITE separators already in service.

Their installation is extremely simple and fast.

An optional dedicated alarm center allows, for the most difficult cases ...., to transmit this information via SMS directly to .... the maintenance manager cell phone!