QBE: New chilled water groups Regulation

Unveiled at the last MILAN show, the QBE series power stations will replace the CWM series.

These new machines have a more compact footprint and benefit from the latest technological innovations:

- Aluminum microchannel condenser with epoxy anti-corrosion protection.

- Electronic controller with alarm management

- Rotary or scroll compressors.

- Non-ferrous hydraulic circuit.

- Hot gas by-pass valve with regulation electronic (Option).

This last option allows QBE water chillers to guarantee an accuracy of ± 0.5 ° C on the leaving water temperature.

This precision is required in particular for precision machining (laser cutting or other) for which the most constant water temperature is necessary in order to ensure the required machining precision.

The range includes 15 models for powers between 2 and 25 kW cold.